Dedicated to Rehabilitation and Integration Residential Agreement

House Keeping

  1. Bedroom to be kept clean and tidy daily.
  2. No consumption of food or beverages in the bedrooms
  3. Bed linen to be changed and washed fortnightly
  4. Collective effort by all all residents to keep common areas clean and tidy daily.
  5. House furnishing must be respected and cared for
  6. All damages to Grace Foundation (GF) property and furniture must be reported.
  7. Any damages to the house and furnishings caused by resident will be charged to them.
  8. Each resident will be issued with a bedroom and house key.
  9. Resident will be charged for replacement of lost keys.

Respect for Others

  1. Not to enter any other resident’s bedrooms (Viola residents not to enter into each others homes)
  2. Refrain from the use of foul language
  3. TV/Stereo, sounds to be kept at a reasonable level: be mindful and respectful of other residents

Gender Appropiate

  1. Men homes: No women or children permitted on site unless approved by GF management.
  2. Women homes: No men or children permitted on site unless approved by GF management.

Permitted Visit Days To GF Homes

  1. All visits must first have Management approval and a 24hr notice given to GF Management prior to any visit.
  2. Visitors are to be immediate family only
  3. Visiting day is Sundays’ only between 10am and 2pm and duration of visit is 2hrs maximum.
  4. No visitors to enter into resident bedrooms, visits only in common room.
  5. Visiting times outside of the specified day and times to be cleared and approved by GF management


  1. No Smoking within the house – use only allocated areas
  2. No Drugs and or Alcohol within the boundaries of the property.

* Grace Foundation Management reserve the right to search the home and all rooms within if they have reason to suspect that contraband is present within the confines of the property (e.g alcohol, illegal drugs, and or unprescribed medication). Grace Foundation Management acknowledge the rights of residents to be present during the search of their rooms.


  1. Addresses of all Grace foundation Homes and resident details is confidential unless advised or permitted by Grace Foundation Management
  2. Due to the confidentiality of our residents and addresses, all communications with media is to be referred to Grace Foundation Management

    Children resident in Grace care to be under the supervision of the parent/s at all times.

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The following is intentionally designed to rehabilitate and integrate those who are willing to be assisted in their journey towards sustained change – Grace Foundation has opted to support the persons desire to change via the structural pillars of the‘Te Whare Tapa Wha’concept, inclusive of accountable living with the Pou Whare (Gender Specific House Parent/ supervisor), daily educational programs, with a focus on daily spirituality, that is supported by a weekly healthy community for further integration

SOLUTIONZ@GRACE (Taha Hinengaro/ Renewing Of The Mind)

House Keeping

  1. Agree to attend the educational day program as listed: Solutionz Classes are held on: Monday, Tues, Wed, Thurs, between 10am to 12pm, or alternative times due to unforeseen circumstances

    The only exception for absence, is when there are other legitimate appointments e.g.: Winz, Doctors, Cads, Probation Officer, FGC, Court, etc., that coincides with class times, which will then take priority.

  2. FAITH BASED: (Taha Wairua/ Spiritual Awakening)

    Given the fact that Grace Foundation is a faith based organization, as part of our redemptive strategy — we value a healthy spirituality, healthy community, healthy body, and healthy service, as principle essentials in rehabilitating and integrating marginalized people holistically. For this reason, Grace Foundation submits the following conditions as concrete evidence of these crucial values:

    1. 2.1  HEALTHY SPIRITUALITY (Taha Hinengaro/Renewing Of The Mind)

      I Agree to attend the Solutionz program and also participate in daily devotions: morning and evening prayer/karakia, conducted by the Pou Whare (Solutionz transition home)

    2. 2.2  HEALTHY COMMUNITY (Taha Whanau/ Social Connections)
      I Agree to attend weekly church services; to be exposed to a healthy and wider community

      for potential and incremental integration and assimilation

    3. 2.3  HEALTHY BODY (Taha Tinana/ Body Ready For Lifes Journey)
      I Agree to participate with others in the ‘Dunlop Max WorkOuts’ and or the ‘Butterbean Motivation Movement’ (BBM) programs. You will be encouraged to keep your body in shape not only to feel good and look good but also in prep for employment opportunities.

    4. 2.4  HEALTHYSERVICE (LoveyourneighborAsYourself)
      I Agree to participate in ‘feed the homeless’, exposure to those less fortunate than oneself enables enhanced healing through sacrificial and selfless service.

  3. COMMUNITY SERVICE (Volunteer within Grace Foundation)

    A sense of ‘give back’ by volunteering time, energy, skills, and talents to assist another.


    Total move in costs for accommodation and services is $1,240.00. This is made up of $385.00 for bond, and 3 weeks rent in advance ($855.00). The weekly rent for a single person is $285.00. Costs will vary for parent/s with children.


    The Purpose of this Consent – for Grace Foundations to have access to applicant’s personal information to ensure appropriate support is given for:

    • Legal status

    • Health status

    • Medical Certificates

    • Right to contact next of kin

    • Partnership advocator with WINZ, Court/Law Enforcement Personnel and with Health Professionals

    Consent for Safety & Support – This information will encompass safety and support strategies for Grace Foundations to complement the resident’s health, welfare and safety for themselves and others residing in the home. It provides volunteers authorised support for resident to access benefits and services they require.

    Consent to Advocacy – Where a resident is unable to represent oneself independently (due to Mental/Physical inability or absence) this consent allows Grace Foundations to advocate in partnership with resident and or on the resident’s behalf.

    Confidentiality – Grace Foundation understands this information is confidential and will only use it internally for the safety of resident and others while residing with Grace Foundation.

    In terms of the Privacy Act 1993,

    I ………………………………………………. consent to Grace Foundations Charitable Trust seeking verbal or written information on a confidential basis about me from previous Service Providers: Ministry of Justice, MSD,Ministry of Health and Support providers and authorise the information sought to be released by them to Grace Foundation Charitable Trust, for the purpose of ascertaining appropriate health and safety support while residing in their service.

    The purpose of obtaining such information has been explained in a language I can understand and that this information is confidential unless there are issues of safety.

    I have read and understand all the guidelines and conditions pertaining to the rules and regulations whilst in the care of Grace Foundation Charitable Trust.


    Signing this agreement, I consent to Grace Foundation Charitable Trust to have access to personal information for the purpose [as mentioned above] to ascertain health and safety support while residing in their service.

    NAME: ……………………………………………………………………………….

    SIGN: ………………………………………………………………………………….
    DATE: ……………………………

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