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Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Grace Foundation seeks to empower and assist marginalised members of our community to live healthy, sustainable lives. We reach out to people that are truly on the margins of New Zealand society who are unable to access the services and opportunities needed to get ahead in life. The homeless, single parents, children without parents and former prisoners are a few of the people we serve. We provide a holistic approach to healing. Body, Mind and Spirit. We do this by providing health services, education, healthy housing, life skills, fitness, Bible studies and employment training and placement.

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The Grace model of care is deeply rooted in cultural sensitivity and specific gender-focused approaches, especially within the context of Tikanga Māori and Tagata Pasifika. Ultimately, the primary objective of reconciling and fostering safe, happy, and fulfilling lives for whānau and aiga stands as a noble purpose within the Grace Foundation.


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“I came into Grace with literally nothing. I had lost my home, my family, my children and myself through drugs, alcohol and gangs. I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. I am a living testament that what Grace Foundation does and offers WORKS. Through my time with Grace I have learnt to be intentional with my thoughts, I have found purpose to life, I am alcohol and drug free and better discerning of my environments and friendships. I have weekly access to my children and live with God first in my life…

Alexandria Teepa,
Ngati Wai/NgatiWhatua/Niuean

Today, I stand here today, not as Dizak but a changed renewed Tovia.  This could only have been possible because my God had mercy on me and loved me regardless of my thoughts of “no one cared” or “everyone had given up on me”Dizak was not liked and rejected by my wider family.  I was the bad seed, the druggy the jail bird and my presence was always negative and created fear.  Rejection was familiar and of course judgement.  People would say I could not be changed and it’s hopeless to try help me too.  I was stubborn. But God put what Dizak wasn’t use to into action. I tell you I didn’t think he was real but I WAS WRONG, HE’s REAL!!  I know this in my heart and now I see my path clear!

Tovias Fepuleai

My past life was very difficult. My young life was filled with drugs, alcohol, gangs, violence, abuse, poverty and homelessness. I was 12 when I started doing hard drugs,16 when I did my first stint in a rehab and by 18 I was in jail. I took my life for granted until I witnessed my baby sister being abused. I stayed at home to protect her until we were separated. I’ve done my second lag a few years ago and was released 5 months early to Grace Foundation. They helped me see my flaws in thinking negatively, alone and without faith. They helped me to break down my walls and to care about others again. They put me on the right path to find what I had lost in my life; like my beliefs, my mana, my ihi, wehi and whanaungatanga…

Edith Te Iri Ransfield
Ngati Kahungunu/Ngapuhi


Grace Foundation provides over 25 services and programmes that are catered to build and develop individuals towards transformative life change. Our most popular program is ‘Soulutionz’.

Soulutionz is the key over-arching programme facilitated by GF that focuses on breaking the cycle of negative thinking. The programme involves exploring and addressing deep-rooted issues and assists in identifying emotional triggers, coping strategies, relapse prevention, action plans, self limiting beliefs. Core values and why these need to be healthy and practical to make lifestyle change, maintain sobriety and create healthy & safe lives for our tamariki and whanau. The heart of Soulutionz is to educate and install hope and healing to those abused through predominately adverse childhood experiences.

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