We are proud to deliver to our whānau a cultural based Te Ao Maori program within the Grace Foundation. It embodies a profound commitment to fostering tūrangawaewae, a genuine sense of belonging deeply rooted in culture. At its core, it honours identity, and mauri, the vibrant life essence that interconnects us with ourselves and all existence, resonating within each breath we take. Through the nurturing of whanaungatanga, this initiative creates and sustains a space where the essence of heritage and identity flourish. It is an inspiring testament to the Grace Foundation’s dedication to empowering individuals by cultivating a deep-rooted connection to one’s self and community through the treasures of tradition, shared values, and profound cultural heritage.

Tūranga Arohanoa!

  • Te Ao Māori supports, which consist of:
  • Tikanga
  • Te reo
  • Kapa haka and Mau takau
  • Pūrakau
  • Pepeha and whakapapa
  • Waiata, haka, mihi/whaikōrero and many more components.

Our learning environment is both class based and environment based by incorporating moana, ngahere, whenua to bring that energy of life force/mauri ora and connection, by doing so we are able to fully immerse the residents in kaupapa to really start the journey towards healing and a true understanding of tūrangawaewae through kaupapa Maori.

Mokopāpā Kaupapa

This program holds space for individuals to embark on a profound spiritual journey through the reception of the traditional art of tā moko. Both men and women have the opportunity to receive their moko-kauae, mataora, and/or pūhoro, embracing the cultural significance and personal depth of these ancient practices. This initiative aims to honour and support individuals in their quest for self-discovery and connection to their heritage through this revered art form.

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”

– Phillipians 4:13

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