For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power love and self discipline

Timothy verse 1-7


“Waiho i te toi poto, kaua i te toi roa”

This whakatauki speaks oto the importance of keeping connected, to moving forward together.

Our Story

Grace Foundation Charitable Trust, stands today as a beacon of hope and healing, born from the passion and dedication of the late Vicky Letele and continued by her father David Letele in 2007, as a missionary arm of the body of Jesus Christ. Grace Foundation is Vicky’s legacy.  

Renew. Restore.

The Grace Foundation’s commitment to education and renewing minds is integral to its transformative mission. Through a holistic approach rooted in the Whare Tapa Whā and Fono Fale models and cultural programs, they offer comprehensive pathways for individuals to address deep traumas, conquer addictions, and navigate behavioural challenges. 

Education becomes a tool for empowerment, fostering a reconnection to oneself, family, and community. Their emphasis on lived experiences as a powerful form of care enables them to create a supportive environment guided by faith. By incorporating education into their programs, they not only equip individuals with knowledge but also encourage the renewal of minds, helping reshape perspectives and instil hope for restoration and fulfilment. 

Tāne tū kaha

The Grace Foundation for Tāne/men is a haven of stability and renewal for individuals from a variety of backgrounds. It is a source of support and development. Our charity has dedicated many years to providing men with a clean, safe, and healthy atmosphere where they can start their journey towards holistic well-being.   

Through the all-encompassing Te Whare Tapa Wha concept, people have the chance to work on every aspect of their lives in our safety. We support strengthening connections within the family, strengthening the mind, taking care of the body, and further developing the spiritual life. With this inclusive approach, our men may gain the necessary skills to prevent future difficulties and identify warning signs early on, enabling them to determine a constructive path.   

Wāhine Toa 

Since its opening in June 2020, the Grace Foundation Parnell Women’s Facility has developed into an environment that offers transforming experiences. Many wāhine have been welcomed into this facility, giving them a supportive atmosphere where they can learn self-improvement skills and rebuild confidence they once lost.    

Our Focus

Our focus is based on an extensive programme suite designed to meet various demands. The solutions form a comprehensive framework centred around Soulutionz (CBT) focused, Women’s Empowerment Group (Legacy), Relapse Prevention Programme (RPP), Gambling and Addictions Programme, Parenting Programme, Kapa haka, NA meetings, and Recovery Church. This wide range of activities demonstrates our dedication to addressing the variety of challenges that our wāhine may encounter.  

The core of the Grace Foundation Parnell Women’s Facility is this cycle process of growth and positive change, where relationships are created, hope is restored, and lives are genuinely transformed.


The Grace Foundation stands out for having a strong sense of organisation guiding all of our activities. In this controlled setting, wāhine and tāne not only experiences personal transformations but also aid in the community’s overall development. Leaders, lead!  Their results are uplifting; we see the incredible journey of our wāhine and tāne who return home transformed into better versions of themselves and who stand tall among their children.  

Most importantly, we live in a place of constant encouragement where aroha and awhi take the place of judgement. We work hard to provide a place of support and understanding because we think that every person is ultimately amazing. We support one another because we are united and understand that genuine change happens when people are acknowledged, respected, and helped.