It is in our shared moments of triumph, our collective resilience, and the support we offer one another that the true testament of collaboration emerges.  

When we come together, Grace Foundation Charitable Trust & Te Kōhao Health, our capabilities multiply, our horizons expand, and our impact resonates across time. From the art of teamwork to the symphony of diverse voices, collaboration is the canvas on which we paint the masterpieces of innovation and change.  

Southseas Healthcare  


Through the tapestry of life we weave connections, ideas, and dreams together.  The beauty of collaboration lies not just in aspirations or goals, but in the bonds formed, the wisdom shared, and the relentless spirit that weaves through it all.  

Our partnership with our aiga Pasifika Healthcare provider cannot be overlooked.  Their addiction programme provided to all of our community, over 10 weeks, specifically focused on gambling.  

We are also able to hold space here at Southsea’s, for the importance of encouraging cultural learning in partnership with Lupe. Here we hold our 5 week programme for tagape’A and malu. 

We have held two rotations and will continue this programme for the benefit of our Samoan community.  

Te Ha Oranga ō Ngāti Whātua 


Let us remember that the most enduring successes are often those born from unity, humility, and the genuine desire to lift each other higher. 

Te Hā Ōranga ō Ngati Whatua stands as a guiding light, weaving a healing story within healthcare, nurturing addiction recovery through the gentle embrace of Te Ao Māori. It facilitates counselling sessions, weekly recovery kapa haka, He Waka Eke Noa, and the transformative program of Te Ira Tangata, a dedicated space tailored for the empowerment of our wāhine. 


Grace values the many partners in its network and the critical relationships that enable and empowers the model of care and wraparound services provided to all those in residence:

  • Ministry of Social Development (MSD): Grace is accredited Level 2 MSD Provider.
  • Housing Urban Development (HUD): Grace is ITP accredited and is an approved Transitional Housing Provider.
  • Oranga Tamariki: Grace has and continues to provide support to mothers and infants and young adults. It is not an accredited partner at this stage.
  • Southseas Healthcare Trust: Is a provider of clinical and social services in South Auckland
  • Te Kohao Healthcare Trust: Grace is a partner of TKHT Kirikiriroa and collaborator with their Corrections operations.
  • Manaaki Rangatahi Trust: A member of the MRT that focuses on the care of Homeless Rangatahi is NZ.
  • Me Te Huruhuru: Indigenous and Cultural Education and Housing. 1
    st Kaupapa Maori Youth Residence in NZ.
  • Te Ha Oranga: Provider of therapeutic, psychological, life counselling and programmes
  • Vision West: Collaborator with Grace Rangatahi care.
  • Te Kauwatawata (West Auckland): Cultural programmes
  • Tikanga Maori/Te Ao Maori: Grace employs a Maori Cultural Associate who manages and coordinates Maori cultural education
  • Mahi a Atua: Cultural indigenous, intervention and philosophy
  • Auckland Council: Landlord and venue provider
  • Auckland University of Technology (AUT): Tertiary studies and Grace provides student Internship.
  • University of Auckland (UoA): Tertiary studies and Grace provides student Internship.
  • Future Skills: Alternate and Trades education and Grace provides student Internship.
  • Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT): Education and cultural programmes
  • QES (Quality Education Services): Supports youth/parent accommodation and education and life skills programmes.
  • SOLID Ministry: Boxing and fellowship training.
  • Richie Hardcore: Muay Thai Kickboxing and Motivational uplift.
  • Chainz Fitness: A general fitness programme based on calisthenics.
  • Trust Stadium: Facilities
  • Allan Brewster Recreation Centre: Facilities
  • Hangi Master (West Auckland): Hangi meals provider for Homeless adults, families and youth.
  • SafeMan SafeFamily: Family violence provider
  • Haircutz@Wymondley: Free haircutting service to the community in South Auckland
  • Rotary NZ: Community engagement and Youth Leadership
  • Microsoft NZ: Internship development
  • STAND: windsorpark.org.nz Baptist Church